Just get over yourself!

Gone are the days when I shied away from posting photographs of myself. I always drew pictures for my icons and posted endless photos of dogs, plants, books and bugs on social media, but I knew when I signed up to Patreon, I’d need to get over myself.

If you’ve never heard of Patreon, my new video explains it. Thankfully, once filmed, I was helped in post production by my two lovely teens. There was a choice of two versions; one filmed on a beautiful day at the beach, during my ‘Beach Hut Exhibition’ and the other on the hottest day of the year in my studio. When viewing the beach version, my youngest teen made a face I can only describe as ‘tortured‘. Oldest teen announced, having watched both, that the studio version made me seem ‘less annoying’, so I went with that one. I think I should credit them at the end of the film.


So if you believe that too much funding has been taken from the creative arts and you are willing to spend a couple of quid a month supporting an artist and in return get stuff, setting up a sponsorship through Patreon is dead easy. You can pay by PayPal and cap the amount you spend (even a fiver means an artist can buy more supplies!) and for that you get bottomless gratitude and a warm fuzzy feeling that an artist loves you.

Have a magical day xx