About Jules

I write and illustrate children’s books. Indie publishing gives me the freedom to use my creativity and imagination to it’s full extent.

For many years I wanted to see my own children’s books in print and now (with a lot of hard graft) my wish has come true! I work from home, in the cosy studio at the end of my wild garden, thinking about how I can make a story from the silly things that occur to me.

My best days are spent thinking up funny stories to write or illustrating the one I am currently working on. My inspiration comes from all places – my dogs might give me a look and I just know they’re plotting something: from that a story might emerge.

I work in layers, either physical paper layers and collage, or digitally, building up colours and textures as I go. I photograph anything I think is cool that I can use to build up my illustrations. I love to draw people, animals, seascapes, plants and buildings woodland.

I am under the suspicious scrutiny of two naughty Chihuahuas and a pack of males between the ages of 11 and 39, who regularly gang up on me and make me watch ‘boys’ TV. I like tea, only the posh teabags though, and copious amounts of custard tart. Failing that, chocolate biscuits will do.


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