I love my local library. If I didn’t have a zillion other things to do, I’d spend all day there. I’ve been using libraries all my life, from the titchy old one in Redhill (where I still owe a fine of 12p) to the British Library where I finished off my dissertation on Japanese ink painting.

These days, I love to run crafty workshops and story time for children. Today, we read my book The House on Hare Hill, learnt how you can tell rabbits and hares apart and then talked about the different plants you might find in your garden.

The children passed around lemon balm, apple mint and chives and smelt the difference between them.

Making a loom from sticks.
Tying the knots is always the hardest bit.

To celebrate my forthcoming book Nature Calls, the children made a loom from sticks and wove plants, seeds and shells into it. They made some really lovely weaves to take home.

This is what we made.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning, and a BIG THANKS to the Lord Louis Library for hosting this.

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One thought on “Storytime – LOVE YOUR LIBRARY

  1. I’ve always loved libraries too, Jules, ever since I finished the school reading books and was allowed to choose my own from the big trunk of exciting books that was delivered to my class every fortnight. I was really excited on the day they swapped them over and I had a new selection to immerse myself in. I really admire you for the energy you put into your library sessions ~ you must be inspiring a whole heap of future writers, what a brilliant thing to do! šŸ™‚


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