In my Sketchbook this week…

I’m part way through working up the colour spreads in book number seven, NATURE CALLS and this has meant a fair bit of messing around with different media. My default setting is for watercolour and chalk pastel, so I set them aside and got out the water soluble coloured pencils, the oil pastels and coloured pens. It was fun! 

I was working on rainbows.

And textures for backgrounds.

Colouring pens and oil pastel

What’s your medium of choice?

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2 thoughts on “In my Sketchbook this week…

  1. Hi Jules,
    First thanks for liking, following and commenting on my site. You are my first follower! very exciting. I have an art question for you, do you take in to account that many boys who hopefully read your books are colour-blind? I ask be cause looking at your rainbow I can only see 3 distinct colours and some darker lines that appear to be the same colours. Is it something that art schools ever think about? I am just curious, as I am colour-blind, and to me it’s like being left handed (which I am) in a right handed world. Your work is so lovely and colourful I wonder if colour-blindness adds a dimension to it that as an artist you might not be aware of. Do you know if anyone has ever studied such a thing.

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    1. Hi Rob, crikey, another thing that I’d never thought of. (There are so many.) My Mum was colour blind – she couldn’t tell blue from green. What colours can you see? I’m guessing people can be colour blind in all sorts of ways. Harry’s dad was red/green colour blind – interesting at traffic lights.


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