Funny Quirky or just plain La la.

A couple of weeks ago, something happened to me that was quite alarming. In fact, it could be one of those things on Facebook, “She was just getting some shopping…you WON’T BELIEVE what happened next..” 

I was, indeed shopping in Sainsbury’s. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was whizzing around trying to get some essentials. My son was waiting for me at home, he’d been super-pukey the night before and although he’s now 16, he was in a bit of a state and I didn’t want to leave him for too long. 

It was the tea what dunnit. I was swaying between trying a different brand. It was caffeine free. Perhaps that would be a good thing…but it was more expensive and only available in leaf form. You can see my quandary. Hmm. My old brand, further along the row would probably be a better choice. I usually try to buy it when it’s on special offer – it’s not cheap. I had wandered away from my trolley. 

Oh get a grip, I decided, I need to get home. Today is not the day to do any pondering, go for normal tea that I know I like. I put the tea in my trolley and took off at high speed. 

Around two minutes later, after chucking a load more stuff that I probably didn’t need in, I felt a tap on my shoulder. (Not the metal sort.) 

“Excuse me.” An affable old chap was puffing behind me. “I’m glad I caught you, I think you’ve got my trolley.” 

I looked into the trolley I was pushing and saw with some horror it contained fish and meat. I am a vegetarian. The last time I ate meat, Bros were charting high. How had I not noticed this? How had I put things in the trolley and not noticed this?

Embarrassed, I stuttered apologies, removed my shopping from the man’s trolley and wandered about looking for my own. It was apparently, still waiting for me by the teabags.

What struck me was, was I just having a mad, rush-around-the-supermarket-while-distracted-by-the-puking-kid-moment, or was this how Dementia started with my Mum? 

Until further notice, I’ve decided it was the former.

On Thursday, while rushing around trying to get son to college, I tried to unlock the wrong car. Sorry neighbours! 

Still, on the bright side, I made some nice dolphins this week.

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