Happy New Ears

 It was whilst out walking the dog this morning that I noticed how darn loud the birds were being. There’s a particular fir tree that the local sparrows love to hang out at – plenty of cover from dangers and weather and pine cones to nibble at – and by gumbo didn’t they have a lot to say for themselves this morning. It was riveting.

It made me think about all the sounds that we take for granted. Imagine that you were born 500 years ago and were transported by time machine to modern day. What an assault it would be to the senses, especially the ears. The sound of car tyres in driving rain, tube trains passing you, people shouting, air conditioning or central heating. At the moment I can hear the washing machine rumbling in the kitchen, my son skypeing someone and their response from who-knows-where in the world, a child shrieking as they pass on the street and the soft snoring from Wally next to me, as he dreams of rabbits. By far the most peaceable sound I can hear is the raindrops hitting the window and the musical notes of the wind blowing down the chimney.

Have a happy weekend x

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2 thoughts on “Happy New Ears

  1. I noticed flocks of tiny birds chattering amongst themselves last week ~ it’s as though they believe that Spring has already sprung. Hope they don’t get caught out if we have a cold snap. 😦 Other noises aren’t so appealing to my senses ~ car doors slamming, power tools whining and other people’s dogs yapping (how dare they?) But I quite like the rumble of thunder and the rattle of hailstones against my window in the wee small hours, when I’m snug as a bug in bed! Lovely evocative post Jules! πŸ™‚

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