New Book: Bluebells New School

Woo hoo! Bluebell has landed. After what seems like the longest labour ever, my latest book has been delivered. And keeping with the  simile, it wasn’t a straightforward gestation and towards the end I needed a lot of laughing gas.  However, she’s here now and the main thing is, she is happy and healthy.

Bluebell's New School
Bluebell’s New School

I describe Bluebell’s New School as being a bit like Harry Potter in reverse. She is a witch who wants to go to normal school but her sarcastic owl Twit is not terribly pleased with the idea. Her first day at Footleton Primary doesn’t exactly go to plan, thanks to the extraordinary actions of a small boy with legs like beansprouts.  This is the first book in a series and I have an idea that Twit will be taking a larger role in future stories. I imagine it’s a bit like writing a new character into Eastenders. You never quite know how things are going to go once the actor gets in front of the camera; sometimes the chemistry is just right and the character becomes something you weren’t quite expecting.

Alfie Spinblast
Alfie Spinblast

Now I have to go away and scratch my head a bit. Is it because I have nits? No. It’s because it’s supposed to help you think, although I find washing up or ironing is good for generating ideas.

Toodly Pipsters for now Jules x

Bluebells New School


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