How to Train Your Pencil

Easter poster

I am really excited to be doing some drawing workshops at the lovely Fort Victoria Corner Room (on the Isle of Wight) over the school holidays. I am calling it How To Train Your Pencil and each session will have a theme; the first is Knights, Dragons & Princesses, the second is Pirates & Mermaids. I have made some informative worksheets that you can take home with you, showing how I go about drawing the subjects and we will also do some hooge, massive, big drawing stories along a big roll of paper. We have access to a white board too for some fun doodling.


Of course, this is all made so much for delightful because Fort Vic is a great place to spend a couple of hours; there’s the Model Railway, Marine Archeology centre, Planetarium, Fabulous Aquarium and not forgetting Cafe Verdi’s, where my family spent many a Sunday over the years. There’s the beach for some beach combing and the car park is still free! It’s almost worth coming just to see that dying breed!!

So if you are free during Wednesday afternoons in the Easter or Summer hols, why not swing on by and do some drawing. My books will also be available. Be great to see you there!

Jules x

front_cover front_back_cover front cover new FRONT COVER flat100dpi nielsen


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