Newport: Just like India.

I  was out with the woofers for an early morning walk a couple of days ago and I was relishing the loveliness of Autumn. We walked along the park at around 7.30am – the grass was dewy, the conkers were looking ready to drop and yet it was still pretty warm out. In fact, as the sun rose, it reminded me a lot of my trip to India. That warm and yet mistiness, with the feeling the day is about to get hot and people are getting on with their business before it gets unbearable. Of course, I was on holiday, so I could loaf around and read books, not lug heavy things around or drive through the hazy fug of the Delhi road system.

It ended up being quite an eventful holiday – my ex got what we thought was Amoebic Dysentery and the Bubonic Plague had been reported in Delhi. I nearly had a meltdown on a very wobbly bridge over the River Ganges and I had the loveliest South Indian food I have ever tasted, served on a banana leaf.

India: picture sourced from
The Shooting Star

I think this is one of my most favourite times of the year. Alongside Spring and Summer. OK, it’s just winter I don’t much appreciate. September is a month of memorable times for me. I first got to know my husband in September, I had two dear little babies in Septembers (now lumbering large ones) and things that grow in the bushes are ripening and ready to eat. When I lived in London for a year, I spent most of those September weekends at my brother’s home in the country, snaffling rose hips and blackberries and making apple crumble.

Biggun #2 & his Den

Den building is also perfect for this time of year. The wood is reasonably dry and there is plenty of material to use for houses. Fairies are easier to spot because they are lazing about in warm spots, bellies full of fruit. Biggun #2 and I built a shelter at our forest as it looked like it might rain, but by the time we finished, the sky was bright blue again. We didn’t see any fairies, only 2 big dogs chasing each other.

The Fairy Throne
A zillion types of moss and a few earwigs

It’s also the start of the ‘school’ year, where we decide what to do. Currently, we are studying for GCSE Geography and learning about River Systems. Both chaps are doing Maths GCSE and English and Biology and Biggun #2 is starting drama classes this weekend. By cripes, I’d better get cake baking as it’s his birthday next week!!

And so on goes the relentless cycle of Things To Do….

Groovers!! Jules xx


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